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Vin de Crete White B18 G6

Flavorful and crisp with hints of green apple and orange blossoms.

Pairs well with fish. Recieving 86 points with Wine Enthusiast.

Amethystos White B33 G11

Mouth-filling bouqute of peach, melon and tropical fruits. A beautiful combination of Sauvignon Blanc, Assyrtiko and Semillon. Pairs well with seafood, poultry and salads.

Santorini – Assyrtiko B30 G10

The grapes used to produce this wine are grown in a unique microclimate. Light in color, with greenish hints. Citrus and mineral notes. Pairs well with all food.

Chateau Juila – Chardonnay B33 G11

Well-balanced with pleaseant citrus and fruity aromas of discreet notes of pineapple, banana and lemons.

Pairs well with cheese & fish.

Muses estate – savatiano B24 G8

Very intense complex aroma with notes of citrus and peach compote, over a very fine background of green apple. Pairs well with fried fish, green salads and light sauces.

Muses estate – Christolithos (Golden stone) B24 G8

50% Chardonnay and 50% Malagousia. Bright, star-yellow color. Fruity aromas of peach, melon and pineapple, complete with a long finish. Pairs well with cheese and mild sauce.

Tiblalexis estate – Kokarella B27 G9

Consisting of 60% Assyrtiko and 40% Malagousia. Rare goldish-green color. A balanced crispy acidity, with notes of citrus, pear and tropical fruits. Pairs well with fish & poultry.

Kykios – Moscofilero B24 G8

Intense varietal aroma of white rose and orange blossoms, with a taste of citrus fruit on the palate. With refined long finish. Pairs well with seafood and light dishes.

Retsina – traditional table Wine B18 G6

Produced on the Northeast facing slopes of Mount Parnes in Attica. A distinct aroma of pine and rich on the palate. Clean-crisp finish. Pairs well with any dish.

Dessert Wine – samos B21 G7

Honey sweetness with flavors of golden raisins, apricot and orange rind. Enjoy room temperature or chilled as aperitif. Pairs well with fruit and dessert.